Kayaking & Cliff Jumping in Split, Croatia

Sea Kayaking Split Croatia - Snorkeling Cliff Jumping

One of the many many reasons I loved my trip to Split was because of the various opportunities to take part in some outdoor adventures! From hiking and rock climbing to kayaking and cycling, Split has it all! You guys know I’m an outdoor advocate, so I had no doubt my five days in Split were going to be jam-packed with pure fun.

Researching Split, there was one thing that I knew I wanted to do: Kayaking. I had researched it extensively beforehand, and booked a morning slot with Red Adventures.

There are plenty of companies out there that offer kayaking in Split, but something that swayed me towards Red Adventures was the fact we got transported from the meeting point to the start point – it made everything so easy. Oh and if you haven’t already guessed by the title, they also offer the opportunity to go cliff jumping and snorkeling during the kayaking tour.


To start, we met with our our team at the Red Adventures office before being transported to the starting point at Bene Beach in Marjan at 5/10 minute drive away. Our tour guide Marko went through some safety tips and gave us some general advice as we packed our valuables into wet bags and lifted the kayaks into the water.

We were given two-man kayaks and were allowed to strap our wet bags on to the back with our bottles of water tied down between our legs. As someone who stresses about tiny details like this, I was so relieved to be able to bring my belongings. I’m pale ok, I need my sun cream!

Climbing into the kayak, my first impression was how amazing the view was. Bene beach is located directly across from the likes of Trigor and the small island of Čiovo. Truly breathtaking.

The route we were going to take was to follow the coastline right around to Titova, the villa of the former Yugoslavian dictator. And during this time we would stop at a private beach for some snorkelling, cliff jumping and to refuel for the trip back.

As we followed Marko’s advice and sychronised our paddling, we made our way leisurely around the rocky coastline. Everything was really relaxed and there were no strict rules, other than to not go too far in front. We were in a small group with only one other couple, so Marko had the opportunity to chat to us and take photos while we paddled. I also took my GoPro Session  so I could film our trip.

Kayaking, Cliff Jumping & Snorkeling in Split, Croatia with Red Adventures

Kayaking, Cliff Jumping & Snorkeling in Split, Croatia with Red Adventures


As we passed landmarks and notable points, Marko was enthusiastic in telling us stories, giving us the history of the place and answering our questions (no matter how trivial!). Once we reached the infamous villa then headed back around to a secluded part of Kasjuni Beach. It was here we rested, got time snorkeling and tried our hand at cliff jumping.

We swam around to the cliff edge and climbed up to the height that we were comfortable jumping from, I think the shortest was maybe 4 feet and the highest 8 feet. Marko gave us a demonstration and told us the best method. It’s actually quite difficult to hit the rock as you jump because it juts out at the top and goes inward as it goes down (almost like a diving board without the spring!).

We all jumped in a few times, messing about with the cameras and generally just getting our adrenaline going. After the last jump, we used our snorkeling gear (which was provided to us) to spy out some fish and sea creatures. Marko even found a Sea Urchin and let us all hold it! Such a great experience!

After searching the rocky sea bed for fish, we kayaked back around to the starting point. But not before we had a short race to test our newly acquired skills! Spoiler alert, I took it way too seriously haha.

Sea Kayaking Split Croatia - Snorkeling Cliff Jumping

Kayaking, Cliff Jumping & Snorkeling in Split, Croatia with Red Adventures - Sea Urchin


Overall, we had an absolute blast with Marko and Red Adventures on their Sea Kayaking trip. Marko was an amazing guide who did everything he could to make our tour not only fun, exciting and challenging but also memorable. There’s no better way to spend a Monday morning than with friends kayaking in the Adriatic Sea! I also loved that he took photos of us that he then emailed to us the next day.  I can honestly say I loved my time on the tour and can now highly recommend Red Adventures for outdoor adventure fun. When I go back, I’m definitely trying out the bike tours!


  • Bring plenty of water, it’s hot out there guys.
  • Bring sun cream…it’s hot out there guys! Plus your legs are very exposed.
  • Wear a t-shirt to cover up your shoulders (with swimwear underneath)
  • If you can, wear swimming shoes. We bought ours from one of the market stalls beside the bus station/port and the cheapest we found at 50 Kuna. They were perfect for the kayak tour and swimming at the Krka National Park as the water bed is very rocky.
  • Red Adventures provided us with snorkeling gear and dry bags (can buy your own at the same stalls)


Kayaking, Cliff Jumping & Snorkeling in Split, Croatia with Red Adventures

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My Sea Kayaking tour with Red Adventures was discounted in return for an honest review.

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