8 Reasons Why Split Should Be Your Next European Break

Split Old Town, Croatia

For years I’ve always wanted to go to Croatia but things have always came up and prevented me from doing so. This year my dream came true, and Split didn’t disappoint. I had researched this town so much in the months leading up to my visit, my it wasn’t until I got there that I realised how much is packed into this little town on the Dalmatian Coast. I need to go back pronto!

1. The History

Split is the largest town on Croatia’s Adriatic Coast and is steeped in Greek and more prominently, Roman history. The famous Diocletian’s Palace at the heart of the old town is a huge focal point for tourists visiting. Set inside the Old Town, the palace measures 170m by 200m and was built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian in AD305 for hist retirement. Today, you can discover what lies inside the Palace’s walls, with an abundant of tasteful restaurants, bars and apartments all keeping in line with the ancient times and facade to keep you going after a day of history hunting!

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Cathedral of Saint Domnius, Split, Croatia Bell Tower

2. The Narrow Streets of Split’s Old Town

The narrow streets of Split’s Old Town oozes magic, love and positive vibes. The maze of quaint cobbled medieval streets have an intelligent balance between the town’s history and modern amenities, the latter of which don’t dare take away from the former’s beauty and rightful place. It’s easy to get lost in the old town, every street looks the same yet somehow different. So grab your camera and get lost in the old town’s narrow streets, I promise you won’t regret it.

Old Town of Split, Croatia

3. The [Quiet] Beaches

Once you’ve gotten lost and found yourself again in Split’s Old Town, you can head out to one of the town’s many beaches. Bacvice Beach is probably one of the main beaches channeling both locals and tourists to its sandy shores during the summer months. Marjan Hill also offers a number of beaches around it’s stunning Dalmatian coastline. Two of the main ones, which have access via the #12 bus, are Bacvice Beach and Bene Beach. Both offer visitors the chance to swim in the clear waters of the Adriatic, along with food, drink and children’s activities. Bene Beach isn’t a sandy or pebbled beach, which allows the waters to stay so clear. Perfect for snorkeling or getting that perfect underwater camera shot!

Bene Beach, Marjan Hill in Croatia

4. Get Away From it all in Marjan Hill

I mentioned above that Marjan Hill offers up several beaches, but it also offers amazing hikes and views over Split’s coastline. Dubbed ‘The Lungs of Split’ because of it’s pine-tree fresh air and close proximity to Split’s Old Town, Marjan Hill is perfect for those adventure seekers who want to hike or anyone who wants a leisurely stroll away from the hustle and bustle of the port. There are several routes you can take, but the paths are intertwined and as long as you can see the coast, you will always know your way back home. Why not take a walk through Marjan for a couple of hours before stopping off for a relaxing afternoon on one of it’s beaches?

Tip: If you can’t be bothered walking back to town, grab the #12 bus!

View from top of Marjan Hill, Split Croatia

5. It’s a Port Town (Accessible to all the islands)

Not only is Split an amazing choice for a weekend break or your annual summer holiday, but it can also be a base to explore Croatia’s surrounding islands. As well as day trips and domestic journeys, Split also has an international port which means cruise liners often stop here, too. Some of the small islands that you could visit include Hvar, Brač, Šolta and Vis. And these could either be day trips or longer stays. I never got the chance to visit any islands, but it’s given me a great excuse to book up Split again! Even if you’re not up for an island hopping adventure, can I tempt you with a romantic sunset cruise?! (I’m up for it if you are!)

Port of Split, Croatia

Port of Split,, Old Town, Croatia

6. Perfect for Outdoor & Adventure Activities

If you’ve not figured out by now looking at my blog, I looove the outdoors. I always say that when I go on holiday, I’ll relax and recover after working so hard. But no. If anything, I go even harder. And Split is perfect if you’re like me and want to get the adrenaline going. The town offers a wide range of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, zip lining, walking, hiking, cycling, cliff jumping, rock climbing. The list is endless!

I made a little YouTube video during my kayaking, cliff jumping and snorkeling adventure in Split:

7. The Food

Food glorious food! Everywhere you look, there are endless restaurants not only along the Riva, but also inside and around the Old Town. Without pointing out the obvious, some of the popular cuisines are Croatia and Italian. Seafood is also very popular, what with the town being on the Dalmatian Coast. I would say prices for a main course is standard UK prices in the Old Town, but if you venture out a bit further, things get cheaper . Fife is one of the most popular resaurants for its budget-friendly menu and large portions.

8. The Riva

What the heck is the Riva, Emma?! The Riva is basically Split’s coastal promenade. It’s lined end to end with bars and little snack kiosks. I wouldn’t necessary say restaurants, although there are a few, but it’s mostly outdoor seating that belongs to small kiosk-type shops. The Riva is very modern and a perfect place for you to get a cocktail as you want the boats sail in and out. If people-watching is your thing, head here! The Riva is pedestraian only, and our kayaking tour guide told us that it was closed off from cars because of its popularity and to accommodate the growing number of tourists.

The Riva, Split, Croatia

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8 Reasons Why Split Should be your next European Break

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