The Duck & Dog Show at Aberfoyle

Aberfoyle duck dog

After visiting Go Ape a few few weeks ago, we never really got a chance to see the rest of Aberfoyle because we were busy swing from the trees for 3 hours. We thought since we were free last Sunday that it would be a great opportunity to make the drive back up and take a wander around the main street and surrounding areas to see what there was to do and see.

If you’re driving into Aberfoyle, there is ample parking in the large car park beside the Scottish Wool Centre just behind the main street, which lies in the shadow of the large Craigmore hill. We parked up and ran across to the little field right at the front door of the wool centre to catch the dog and duck show.

Aberfoyle Criagmore Hill

The Duck & Dog Show

When we arrived, the sheep were already in their pens, and the shepherd was out talking to the crowd about the history of his sheep and what he does at the centre. Dubbed ‘The Gathering’, the duck and dog show where the sheep dog will herd a group of ducks around a small obstacle course around the paddock.

Each obstacle on the course has directions to real Scottish places, as if the animals are walking the length and breadth of the country; with the dog finishing by herding the ducks into the Quack Packers Hostel. The routine was very well-rehearsed and nothing like I had ever seen before. There’s something cute about a dog getting up close and friendly with ducks. The display is on three times a day during the summer. I highly recommend it.

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After watching the show and walking around the centre to see the other animals, we decided to go for a walk around Aberfoyle before the rain started. We headed down one of the muddy paths behind the visitor centre, following the stream for a while before turning back and grabbing some lunch.

Since we were going out with family for dinner that evening, we decided to just grab a sandwich and walk around the main street to window shop in all the quirky little shops. I highly recommend the sweets shop, the tablet shop and the Christmas shop! Yep, no matter what time of year it is, the Christmas shop is always open to spread holiday cheer all year round.

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Have you ever been to Aberfoyle before?

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