Things I Noticed: A Berlin Photo Diary

Berlin was jam packed with weird, wonderful and quirky things at every corner; and that was one of the main reasons why I was initially drawn to Berlin and ultimately fell in love with it. I think I might start making this into a series, I love ahowing you all a side to the places I visit that don’t really fit into regular informative posts (see my Thailand Zoo one here).

Berlin Noticed


The Amazing Art
I thoroughly researched my trip to Berlin, reading every blog post under the sun, and finally found that there was two things every blogger had in common: 1, they absolutely loved their trip. And 2, their blog photos were filled with quirky and colourful art. No matter what street you are in, what neighborhood you are living, graffiti art is literary everywhere. From the Berlin Wall’s East Side Gallery to the painted hire cars, you will find it hard to get away from art in Berlin.

Berlin Car


Berliners Hate Mondays Like the Rest of Us
This was a sticker that I found on a table at an outdoor bar in Kreuzberg while watching the Wales v Portugal game. I don’t know why I took a photo of it, but I did. I think I was just wondering how and why someone would make a sticker like this. Do they actually hate Mondays or do they just hate their job?

Berlin Monday


Scammers Are Everywhere
This was something that I covered in my Berlin sightseeing post here. Here we have a guy playing a simple “guess what cup the ball is under” trick, where three ups are moved about, you bet your money because lets face it you’ve kept your eye on it the whole time, how can you lose, right? Wrong. While you are losing at the game, the scammers friends could be amongst the circle that has formed where they can take your valuables from your pocket/bag. **Disclaimer: Don’t do what I did and stop to take pictures, you could easily get pick pocketed this way too.

Berlin Scammer


Everyone Eats Outdoors – And it’s the BEST!
Maybe it’s because I’m from Glasgow and eating outdoors happens about three days in a year if you are lucky, but I love the fact that everyone in Germany (and a lot of other European countries) eat outdoors. With the heat of the sun shining on your shoulders and the laid-back, relaxed vibe, eating outdoors is the way forward friends! Again, maybe because I don’t get to do it that often, but eating and drinking outdoors brings with it an internal excitement, combining my two favourite things in life: the great outdoors and food!

Berlin Street Food


The Architecture
Upon wandering around Berlin you will notice an array of amazingly bizarre buildings. Just stop, look up, and you will see. Something positive to come out of World War 2 (if there are any), is that Berlin, like many countries, was given a new lease of life that is clearly visible across the contemporary skyline of the capital city.

Berlin Building


Even The Buskers are Cool! 
We met this amazing dude at the East Side Gallery, he was singing Rod Stewart and Elvis Pressley – what a combination!

Berlin Street Performer (2)


Street Entertainment is on Point!
Street Entertainment is one of my favourite, just look at the crowds this guy is attracting on a random saturday afternoon in Alexander Platz. I love the way crowds gather, one person stops, then another then another. Before you know it you are pushing to get to the front for a great picture of a guy spinning inside a hoola hoop.

Berlin Street Performer


The Cars are AMAZING!
Berlin has some beastin’ cars roaming around the city. A big part of the touristy culture is that you can rent and drive around the city in these top class cars, on a guided tour.

Berlin Car


Is there anything weird and wonderful you’ve noticed about Berlin? Comment Below!

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Berlin Noticed

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