Ibiza’s Sunset Strip

Sunset Ibiza

To say Ibiza is renowned for it’s epic sunsets is an absolute understatement, and one of the most treasured parts of the island to witness the phenomenon is on the world famous sunset strip. You can watch the sun set a thousand times but each one will be unique and give you a new overwhelming sense of relaxation, romance and wanderlust to discover what is beyond that horizon. I’m not going to lie to you, there are other places on the island to witness the sunset, but with the combination of perfect geography, music and beverages, nothing beats San Antonio.

Where is it?

The Sunset Strip is located in the resort of San Antonio, on the west side of the island. The entire resort is a fusion of bustling party-goers and active families who are all looking to experience what the sunset has to offer. The Strip itself, is located on the west side of the resort as well (obviously, the sun sets in the west!) in an area called Calo d’es Moro. Depending on what direction you are coming from, getting to the strip can be a bit hilly with a few not-so-steep steps – I’ve seen families make the trip with no hassle.

When we first arrived we were totally unprepared and unaware of how to get the the strip, so basically we followed the coastline right around from the marina until we finally arrived. Obviously depending what time of the year you visit Ibiza, the sun will set at different times of the day so make sure you don’t get caught out – you won’t want to miss it.

Cafe Mambo

The Strip offer a wide variety of top-class bars and restaurants where you can eat, drink and dance right in front of the sunset, but in my opinion Cafe Mambo doesn’t compare to anywhere else.

Mambos is the last restaurant/bar on the strip (or first depending on what direction you come in from); every night they have resident and headliner guest DJ’s to welcome you into the dusk. The strip can get quite rowdy and drinks are quite pricey during peak sunset times, and if you are looking to book a prime spot with a view over the water, you will need to book in advance which comes with a minimum spend.

A lot of people congregate around Cafe Mambo and on the beach front to hear the music but not pay the steep prices. However, I’ve heard that this year alcohol is banned from the streets of Ibiza so I’m not sure what the rules are with drinking on the beach.

The award-winning bar also offer guests a spectacular firework event to celebrate the beautiful sunset each night, and this alone is enough to get you pumped up and ready for a good night ahead on the White Isle.

So if you are looking for a lively place to watch the sunset with first class DJ sets, food, drinks and a view to die for. Mambos is the place to be in San Antonio.

Ibiza Sunset

Sunset Ibiza


Sunset Ibiza

Sunset Ibiza

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