Segwaying around Blair Atholl

Blair Atholl Segway

As part of a hen weekend away in Blair Atholl and Pitlochry, I finally got to do something I had always dreamed but never knew was accessible to general public folk like me. That thing was Segwaying. I don’t mean these little boards that spoiled rich kids on YouTube are scooting around on, no I mean the big chunky two-wheeled vehicles with handles for stability. And yes the ones that DON’T catch fire after a few uses *ahem*.

We were staying in a beautiful farm house just outside of Pitlochry so we all jumped into our cars and drove down towards Blair Atholl and Blair Castle caravan park where the Segway-Ecosse tours were offered. We were excited, scared and nervous for what we had let ourselves in for.

Upon arrival we were greeted by our enthusiastic and very patient instructor, he kindly offered us tea and a biscuit while he looked around for helmets that fit. I cannot commend this man enough, putting up with an overly excited group of women who were both egging each other on and then slagging each other for looking funny.


Since none of us had ever ridden a segway before, the first half an hour was dedicated to learning how to get on and off the vehicle, starting and stopping it, turning and going up and down hill – basically everything that would be required to go a jaunt around the nearby forest.

After learning one by one, we came together as two groups to showcase the skills we had learned. We started off easy, following the smooth caravan park before increasing to more difficult forest terrain – dodging tree roots, plants and shrubs.

Our instructor was kind enough to stop at a very nude statue and take our picture for us (not sure if he does this with every group or just because it was a hen weekend!), but it made us all giggle.

IMG_1404 (600x800)

Throughout the entire tour we only had one small tiny fall, but it was nothing major. Overall, we had an absolute blast. Both instructors at Seway-Ecosse were more than happy to help us, very patient with our excitement and loudness, and even joined in on the friendly banter.

If you haven’t done it before and you’re in the Blair Atholl / Pitlochry area, I highly recommend segwaying, it’s a great activity for families, groups of friends or even couples.

To find out more information about the tour I done, you can visit the Segway-Ecosse website here.

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