8 Tips For Travelling The World With Your Partner

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I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled to some amazing parts of the world with my boyfriend, and yes it isn’t always glorious. I can honestly say we very rarely argue, in fact I don’t think we’ve ever argued. But when you’re stressed, under immense pressure, tired and in a foreign land, the only way to relieve those pent up feelings is to take it out on the person to your immediate left. Poor J. 

I noticed it more going through Asia, especially when time was tight to get our Visas processed on time in order to get across the border to Cambodia and then Vietnam. I think it’s because I’m a worrier and J is the most relaxed person in the world. (I’ve only ever seen him angry once, and that was because he lost a football bet.)

That being said, that’s also a reason why we work. We compliment each other. My strengths uplift his flaws, and his mine. And I think it’s important to notice these things when on the road.

I’ve written a few other points below that allowed us maintain our relationship while on the road!

1. Respect each other’s space
I don’t know about yourself, but I absolutely do not mind being on my own. So when you find someone that you love, and spend every second with, things can get overwhelming – and this is only heightened when you are away from home. When you’re travelling, sometimes there’s this pressure to visit every attraction, get the best photos for Instagram and have the go to the craziest parties. But no, long-term travel is more than that, it’s about adjusting to your new surroundings and making it your own. Don’t treat it like a vacation because that’s when you put pressure on yourself to always be the best you; just do your usual thing – read that book, scroll through Facebook, watch a few episodes of you favourite tv show. Giving each other space to do what you want to do in free time is what will keep things fresh: absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

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2.Compromise now and again
This is an easy one, and one that should probably be applied when on the road and at home! Like I said before, J and I get on really well and there’s not a lot that I like that he doesn’t. Usually the things I’m compromising on is allowing J to buy really unnecessary/pointless things. Compromising allows the opportunity for both of you to do what you want to do, and more importantly, doing it together.

3.Respect their fears / goals
This can probably be linked back to the last point, you need to be able to understand and respect that your partner’s reason for travelling might be different from yours; and that anything you think is a ‘must-do’, might not be as important to them.Yours might be to see every tourist hot spot to tick off that bucket list, but theirs might be to see the country through a more casual, laid-back approach. Hopefully if you do point 2, then point 3 will come easy.

4.Make friends
Travelling the world with your other half, hand in hand, sound amazing on paper but when put into practice I think it puts a bit of a strain on any relationship – not just romantic. It’s good to make friends, even another couple or group of friends. Hostels are a great way to meet travellers, and I promise they will be friends for life!

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5.Be positive
You can hit a few nasty speed bumps on your road, most popular include losing passport, denied/no visa, having very little money to spend. But it is highly important to stay positive and remember why you started travelling in the first place.

6.Keep your privacy
We all know bunking up with 12 other travellers in a mixed dorm room is the most cost-effective method of accommodation. Why not treat yourself to a private room, or luxury hotel room with spa facilities? After spending your days as part of large tour groups, have some alone with just the two of you. Like before, it’s important to maintain the balance between being social and having alone time together.

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7.Splurge on home comforts – treat yourself
This one applies to anyone on the road. If you feel stressed or home sick why not treat yourself to a little something that reminds you of home? I know a lot of people will be saying “Oh but you’re in Asia, why would you go and pay £1.50 for a Snickers bar?!” But that’s ok, do what YOU want and don’t let anyone tell you what is right and what is wrong when travelling!

8.Surprise each other
I don’t know about you, but I love surprising people with little gifts, it’s such a good feeling making other people happy. Surprising your other half could be anything from secretly booking a luxury hotel room for a few nights to buying that snickers bar! woo!

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Do you have any tips or tricks for travelling with your other half?


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