7 Travel Post Ideas

Travel Blog Post Ideas

I wouldn’t class myself as a travel blogger. I sit at my dining room table and write about my holidays, experiences abroad and weekend getaways – not to mention a few Glasgow days out guides and restaurant reviews. It’s my life and unique to me. Not many people can say they have been abandoned in a Cambodian Crocodile Farm or stuck at the Malaysian Border but  I have and that’s what makes me different from other bloggers out there.

I primarily read travel blogs just because I love seeing the world and learning about other cultures; so when I find a lifestyle blog that’s mixed in with say fashion, books, beauty tips or technology etc. the first thing I do is search for the ‘Travel’ category. And most of the time this section is outdated and needing a little bit more love than the rest of their blog. I’ve also seen a few people recently write on Twitter that they want to work more on the their travel section without breaking the bank but don’t know how.

So I’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to get the creative juices going.

1. Look through old photos for inspiration.
When I started this blog it was purely intended to write down and document my travels and adventures at home and abroad. I have a full-time job (that isn’t blogging) as do many of you, so I don’t have the time or money to go to Africa for 3 months or New York for New Years. Thus, ideas run out very easily. And one tip I like to do is go through all my old memory cards and see if any collection of pictures gives me inspiration – a cool restaurant, a funny story, amazing cocktails, a bar with a view etc.


2. Not every post has to have 35 photos
You might be like me and had a lot of adventures abroad to amazing places a few years ago when you had the Motorola Razr flip phone and your mum had a winding disposable camera from Boots. But that’s ok. I still want to hear all about your holiday, as do your readers. They love you and your blog, so why wouldn’t they love this post?

3. Create a Photo Diary post
Right, say you went your annual holiday but you’ve already wrote about all your daily activities from start to finish, what else is there to write about? Don’t tell us, show us! If you’ve a collection of awesome photos just wasting away on your memory card, show us them in a photo diary post! These can even be titled in any way that suits your photos (1 week in Italy / The colours of Amsterdam / Exploring Cornwall). Minimal text, maximum photography. Here’s my example of Ibiza’s Old Town.


4. Make the most of your trip – split it up into different parts
When I go away, I want to squeeze as much content out of it as possible. Write about every meal you had and tag them as restaurant reviews, review your hotel and its facilities/location, write a Top 5 Things To Do post and include all the activities you did during your holiday, write about a funny/scary/ first time experience or even just a running commentary of your trip from start to finish over a couple of posts.

IMG_6539 (600x800)

5. Pick out one photograph from your album and write about it
This is an easy one. Simply pick out a photo that you love from your collection of pics and tell your readers a story about that particular moment. Where were you? Smells? Food you ate? Why is that image particularly interesting?


6. Write a post about YOUR city
Travelling to you might mean lying on a beach in Majorca, but to some it might mean visiting your city. This can be anything from transport review, things to do/see, favourite places to see; and the best part is it is right on your door step. You could even spend an afternoon taking relevant photographs, even with your iPhone.

7. Look at other travel posts for inspiration.
This is a no brainer. Have a read through other travel and lifestyle blogs for inspiration and to jog your memory. No two travel tales will be the same, but please don’t copy other people’s work! It’s just not cool, man.

Do you have any other tips or tricks for writing Travel posts?

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