The People’s Palace & Winter Gardens, Glasgow

Winter Gardens Glasgow Green

Another beautiful spring day meant I was dying to get out and about for a walk. We went out for a family lunch at Auld Raes in East Kilbride before taking a casual wander around the Winter Gardens in Glasgow Green. I had been in here before but only saw part of it as there was a wedding on and the middle section was closed off. 

Winter Gardens

I’ve never really been a plant person, but the colours and varied mix of plants makes a great little stroll¬†in any season. With the heat indoors to keep the plants alive, and the breeze blowing through the open windows, anyone would have mistaken it for a summers day – only I imagine it would be a lot busier. There’s a specific walkway that takes you around everything there is to see in the Garden’s which surprisingly is more fun to walk on than the normal concrete (but beware there is a section that you can’t walk on with heels – I had heeled boots and was OK though).




People’s Palace

The People’s Palace is directly attached to the Winter Gardens, and details the everyday life of Glaswegians from 1750 right up to the 20th century. Entry is free and would be great for anyone wanting to learn more about the Glasgow culture or simply reminisce about their childhood in this vibrant city.

All the exhibitions are spread across two floors and cover a wide variety of topics, from the war, health, entertainment, fashion, prison, nightlife and day-to-day life in Glasgow through the eras. Finding the palace was a surprisingly nice end to our spur of the moment wander around Glasgow Green.

According to my mum I had been to the People’s Palace before, but I can’t really remember. She said it had been updated since then with a lot more modern items, one of which is Billy Connolly’s banana boots! If museums isn’t your thing, I would recommend the walk around the palace just for the views over Glasgow that you can sneak out the windows – plus there is a well-equipped cafe for refreshments.


Have you even been to the Winter Gardens or People’s Palace?

When was the last time you were at a museum in your own city?


The People's Palace & Winter Gardens

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