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Cathkin Braes Glasgow

With Glasgow showing signs of spring (and patches of winter) we decided to make the most of the sunshine and calm weather. I love going on little spontaneous adventures  or road trips, even if we don’t get out the car, I just love seeing new things. I hate sitting in the house. So after running some errands, I did what I usually do when I don’t want to go home; this is how the conversation goes:

Me: Let’s go on an adventure!
J: Where?
Me: I don’t know, surprise me.

So that’s what we did. And to my surprise, the place we went, was pretty amazing. I can’t believe I hadn’t been here before, I was actually a little annoyed Jamie hadn’t taken before this!

The unique place we ventured to was up beside the Cathkin Braes. The Braes was transformed in 2014 as part of the Mountain Bike trail for the Glasgow 2014 Games, and being only 15 minute drive from the Athlete’s Village, it’s accessible for anyone in Glasgow looking for a lovely walk with picturesque views.


Just bear in mind that keen cyclists and mountain bikers still use the trail for fun/to train so keep you eye out for them, and be considerate! That being said, we went up on a Sunday afternoon and it was pretty quiet, we only saw two cyclists.

The site also homes a massive wind turbine, I’m sure you’ve probably seen it if you’ve looked up in the southern direction of the Cathkin/Fernhill area. Now you can stand right underneath it….if you’re brave enough. I’ve heard a few horror stories of blades falling off, but think that’s only been at the Whitelee Wind Farm (Scotland’s largest wind farm).



This being a spontaneous little trip we took after doing our boring, errands (because we are adults now), my images were unfortunately taken on my iPhone 5! I can only imagine the results my DSLR would’ve produced.

Overall, a walk up in Cathkin Braes is an exciting, small nature walk that gives breathtaking views of the city of Glasgow. It’s an easy walk with sort of dirt/stone pathways, could get away with walking in your trainers – although if it’s been raining recently, they might get a little dirty. Oh, and I highly recommend going on a clear day though to get amazing pictures.

I’m not very techy, but I’ve tried to embed the Google Map of the Brase. Hopefully it works!

Have you ever been to the Cathkin Braes?
What’s your favourite view of Glasgow?

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