An Ibiza Day Trip to the Island of Espalmador

During our week long adventure on the beautiful island of Ibiza, we hired a Catamaran and headed off on a day trip around the equally (if not more) idyllic island of Espalmador.

Espalmador is a little piece of land just off the coast of Formentera, yet another stunning Balaeric Island. It doesnt have much on it other than pristine sands, but thats all you need when you have a Catamaran full of beer and Sangria, and a Captain lighting up the BBq, right?

We started off with a beautiful breakfast buffet at out hotel in San Antonio before catching a pre-booked bus to Ibiza Town’s port.

Climbing on board, we were greeted by our captain who was polite enough to tell us our itinerary, show us to the beer and sangria taps and put on some lively music. We were in Heaven! Lying on the multihull nets with the sun tanning my pale skin and the sea splashing up the odd wave to keep us cool, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.

Espalmador Ibiza Day Trip


We spent the next hour or so taking in the breathtaking scenery, I truly believed I was in the Caribbean – white sands and crystal clear water. Dressed in swimsuits – I was taking photos of the jagged hills while Jamie drank half pints of ice cold Estrella, it felt like the world was ours. There’s no better feeling that in a moment of inspiration and motivation; and that’s what the journey was: pure and unedited creativity.

When we docked just off the island of Espalmador, the Captain put down the steps for us but we had to jump halfway into the almost invisible water (thankfully it was so clear because it was riddled with cute little jellyfish floating around).

Espalmador is uninhabited, only those with boat access can get on to the island. Therefore we had free reign of the island, bumping into around 6 different people! We walked around the island and sunbathed for a wee half an hour before boarding the catamaran again for some lunch.

Espalmador Ibiza Day Trip

Espalmador Ibiza Day Trip

Lunch consisted of grilled chicken, a variety of chicken and a wide spread of Mediterranean vegetables. Sorry there aren’t any images of my lovely lunch but I was so hungry after exploring the island that we got caught up in the eating, dancing and drying off after swimming in the sea!

After lunch, the Captain set sail again and we were off back into the wilderness that is the sea! He was also lovely enough to stop off at a spot he recommended as an ideal snorkelling area. So once again, the kaftan was off and we were jumping off the yacht and into the cool water.

With a mix of iced alcohol, fresh food, sunbathing, snorkelling, photographing, dancing, singing and diving… we were ready to head back to shore and catch a disco nap before heading out for a night on the town!


Espalmador Ibiza Day Trip

Espalmador Ibiza Day Trip

A day trip from Ibiza to the Island of Espalmador. Luxury secluded beaches

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