What I Learned From Attending a Foreign Event: The Malaysian Grand Prix

As part of our journey through Singapore and Malaysia we thought it was a great idea to squeeze in a weekend of sport and attend the Grand Prix in Sepang. 

Looking back on the event, there are a couple of difficulties we came across so I thought I would list some must-dos and don’ts, including helpful tips that can be applicable to any event with stringent (but unfair) rules!




Here goes:

Pack sun cream and a waterproof jacket
Malaysia is one of they wonderful countries, along with Vietnam and Scotland (in my opinion), that when it comes to the weather the rule book is thrown out the window. When we were at the Grand Prix, there was a storm and the race got postponed for an hour or so until it passed – we knew it was quite bad when even the helicopter was afraid to go out amongst the lightening forks.

Sneak your own water in
Despite being a million degrees with 80% humidity, the guys at the Grand Prix didnt allow you to bring your own water bottles into the track. Conveniently however, there was water and iced tea on sale for about £5 a bottle! The guards at the door check in your bag to see if you have any, and subsequently remove them…but only the ones that they find. Our little TRICK: Put full bottles at the bottom of your bag, cover them with a jumper/cardigan etc. then put half empty old/dirty bottles at the top so they are easily found and binned. Thus, saving your full ones at the bottom 🙂

Buy earplugs
They’re only 12 Ringgit and will say you hearing a high pitched beeeeeeep for two days. The closest I can think it sounds like is if a cat squealed “deeeeeeeeee” for a weekend.

Bring a small neck pillow (or cardigan to roll up)
This will come handy when you try to nap on the bus or the floor of the train home.





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