5 Singapore Laws You Might Not Know About

Often dubbed a ‘fine’ country, and that it is. The Singapore streets are well-known for being clean and tidy, I even remember telling family when I returned “It’s like New York but cleaner.” And the reason for its flawlessness is the many laws that are enforced on a daily basis, ones that you might not even consider and hence get you into trouble.

1. No eating or drinking on the Metro
This is a difficult one, and something you might find hard to shift. Everyday on my commute to work I see folk with their hands huddled round a cup of coffee, or on the way home – a quick sugary snack to tide them over until dinner. But don’t even think about doing this in Singapore or you could land yourself a fine.

2. No urinating in elevators

This is a crazy one, I dont think anyone in their tight mind would do this in their own country let alone feel the need to do it in Singapore. It would be interesting to compare stats. If you do do this, you deserve the fine!

3. No chewing gum

This is surely one of the most famous bans, and probably something that has defined Singapore in the modern era. Only ‘therapeutic’ gum is allowed and I personally agree with it; I’m sure we’ve all sat on gum, had it stuck in our hair as youngsters or even accidently touched an old dried up piece stuck to the underside of a table. This wouldnt happen in Singapore!

4. No public displays of affection

Again, if you are used to doing it (PDA isnt for everyone) then it could be a hard one to avoid if youre not thinking.

6. Must flush the public toilets

I just pray people do this anyway, in public and private bathrooms!

Overall, some of the laws can be quite strange and new to some but I generally agree with them. Singapore is a beautiful, vibrant country and it doesn’t get that way by allowing people to deface its streets.

Well done Singapore. I wish Britain were as tough as you.

Have you ever been to Singapore? 

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