Weekend in Aberdeen | Saturday

So last weekend Jamie and I traveled up to Aberdeen for the Scottish National Senior Athletic Championships. If you don’t know what that is (I barely even know!) it’s the biggest track race of the season., so safe to say he was terrified the whole drive up!
We left quite early on the Saturday because the race started around 2pm, with the aim of arriving straight to the track, running the race and then checking into our hotel. It was scorching sun the whole 3 hour dive up until we reached Aberdeenshire and the sky turned grey and the rain started!
DSC02226 DSC02229
Unfortunately the race didn’t go as well as planned. although we’ve not to mention that Jamie had an injury, because that would be making excuses!
Anywhoooo! After the race we went to find the hotel..both of us were soaked, tired and disheartened. The drive to the Travelodge was an adventure in itself, we got a wee bit lost, the hotel was down a dodgy looking street and then we struggled finding a parking space.
By the time we got up to our room we literally just slumped on the bed…until we realised our view wasn’t the greatest i.e dirty nappy and half a dead bird!
We just lay about for the next few hours until we met up with another keen athlete for a Pizza Express mmmm it was delicious. It was my first visit to the popular chain and must admit I would go back, although a large Peroni was nearly £8!!
After dinner, John went back to his hotel because he was racing on the Sunday but Jamie and I stayed out since he hadn’t made the finals. A few more beers and we headed home too, I think the long drive, race and rain had drained us!
Have you guys ever been to Aberdeen? 

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