GoPro Hero Session Review & Why it is a Travel Essential

GoPro Hero Session Review & Why it is a Travel Essential

Describe the GoPro HERO Session Camera in three words: compact, lightweight, waterproof! (and cheap in comparison to the other GoPros!)

You guys know I love the outdoors, and a lot of my posts cover hillwalking, exploring Scotland and swinging from trees. So after I booked a trip to Croatia, I knew I wanted to do water sports. And if you do water sports… you need to an action camera to your travel gear! Cue my hunt on Amazon for a cheap alternative to a GoPro.

I had looked at unbranded action cameras, but ultimately I was torn between the Polaroid Cube and the GoPro Hero Session. Both are around the same size and weight, and had garnered all positive views. My only issue with the Polaroid Cube was that it wasn’t waterproof – it needed a separate waterproof housing.

So I went ahead and bought thecamera and packed it in my hand luggage for Split, Croatia.

Click the image below to grab the Go Pro HERO Session from Amazon here:


My Experience using the GoPro Hero Session

My first use of the camera was during our kayaking, cliff jumping and snorkelling session around Marjan Hill. I had it attached to a flotation handle which allowed me to handle, point and shoot the camera with more accuracy – and if I dropped it, it would float and not sink to the bottom of the ocean. (highly recommend!).

It was very easy to handle while I was busy swimming or trying to paddle/steer the kayak. It’s small and lightweight so didn’t burden me and was easy to just grab and shoot when needed. I also found it very easy and discreet filming ourselves in the streets and at the beach, I wasn’t big enough to draw attention from onlookers if you’re camera shy like me.

Video Quality & Example

I’ve embeded my YouTube video from our trip kayaking, cliff jumping and snorkelling in Split to showcase the quality of the video in daylight. I was actually really surprised by the quality of the footage considering I didn’t have a head or chest strap and just held it in my hands.

It also gives you an idea of how it handles movement, being under water, focusing on fish and jumping 7 metres from a cliff into the sea.

Taking Still Photographs

I knew I would be a terrible videographer, so captured the some stills as well in case the video quality didn’t turn out great. Again, I was pleasantly surprised considering it is suppose to be a cheaper model of the famous GoPro Hero cameras.

The only thing that annoyed me about the outcome of some of the photos was that I had left water on the front of the camera so some looked blurred. So if it’s your first time using a waterproof action camera, remember to wipe the screen clear when taking photos and videos. duh!

Here are some examples:

Go Pro Session Camera Croatia

Go Pro Session Camera Croatia
Krka National Park, Croatia

Accessories for your GoPro Session

Although you don’t need waterproof housing for this camera, I highly recommend that you get a floating handle / stick if you are using the camera in water. It makes it so much easier to hold, point and shoot, and if you somehow drop it, your camera will float back to the surface; and not down into the abyss.

I chose to search Amazon for combo deal where I could get a couple of accessories alongside the floating handle. I ended up buying the floating handle, chest strap and wrist strap from here on Amazon which was perfect for our water sports and hill walking adventures in Croatia. I was happy to see the handle and camera survived the impact of my cliff jumping!

We tried using the GoPro without the grip handle and it was easy enough, the camera is very lightweight and easy to use. However, we found that our fingers were covering the lens on a couple of occasions so worth investing in an affordable handle/stick at the very least.

Go Pro Session Camera

Other Features

– Standard frame, and flat and curved mount is included

– One Button Control

– Time Lapse

– Burst Photos (10 frames per second)

– Bluetooth & Wifi

– The app lets you see what you are shooting in live time

Why The GoPro Hero Session is a Travel Essential

– It’s waterproof to 33ft (10m) without a housing

– It’s very durable, so perfect for action sports and water activities. Play hard!

– It’s the lightest Go Pro yet (can take literally anywhere, easily fits in your pocket)

– It’s the smallest Go Pro yet (very discreet if you’re shy filming in public like me)

Go Pro Session Camera Croatia

Cons of using the GoPro Hero Session

I wanted to produce a balanced review of the Go Pro Session but to be honest, I struggled coming up with some limitations, but here goes:

– It’s only waterproof down to 33ft, so only safe for snorkelling

– There’s no screen to see what you’re filming (however, you can use the app on your phone as a viewfinder)

– The quality isn’t as good as the more expensive GoPro’s


Being relatively budget-friendly travellers, the GoPro HERO Session Camera is perfect for our trips away and now a must-have travel essential. It’s lightweight, compact, durable and most importantly, waterproof! It’s also very easy to use despite only having one or two buttons and no screen. The instructions are straightforward and you can start recording right away.

If you can afford it, the GoPro HERO5 Session Camera is probably a better choice for overall quality, but if you want an affordable action / waterproof camera or don’t want to commit to such a big spend, then the GoPro Sessions is a must.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. This mean if you buy something I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. By using affiliate links I can earn a little bit of money to cover the costs of running my blog.

  • I’ve been umming and aaaahing over a gopro for the longest time. Part of me wants the top model but it’s so expensive and I don’t think I’ll use it enough to warrant paying that much money. This is a great review, will definitely look more into the lower end cameras. Thanks!

    • Emma

      I was the same, and was worried that buying one around £40 was just going to be terrible so I met in the middle and bought the Go Pro Session! It really is a great little camera.

  • Kelly Ann Duhigg

    This looks like a handy camera and the pictures and video look amazing and also looks like youhad fun in Croatia. Also good to know that a floating handle makes it easier to use!!

    • Emma

      Thanks! Yeah it helped keep my big sausage fingers away from covering the lens lol

  • TwoDayTravels

    Perfect timing – I’ve been considering a GoPro! Really appreciate your examples and feedback. Especially like the floating handle!

    • Emma

      No problem, glad you liked it! 🙂

  • Taryn

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been thinking about getting an action camera for a year or so but haven’t done it since a)they seemed expensive and b)I’m also kinda camera shy and have no idea how to shoot video. I’m so glad you provided your perspective. Great video

    • Emma

      I’m the same, not very confident in front of the camera at all. The Session is quite forgiving because of its size!

  • Maninio

    hey there!! I bought the same a month ago and love it!!!!!!!! The only disadvsntage that i find that inside the rooms or at night the video shooting its not clear…

    • Emma

      Oh really, I’ve not tried it in low light yet as I’ve always just used it outside during the day.

  • Eulandas

    Funny enough, we were just looking at this exact camera yesterday at a store. We’ve been considering selling our GoPro Hero 3+, so reading your review is super helpful. We noticed the session was significantly cheaper, and wondered what the differences were. Thanks!

    • Emma

      ah cool! glad I could help 🙂

  • Alexi R

    love your story, I never had a go pro camera yet. I’ve wanting to have one but the slightest prob is where to use since I don’t do extreme sports. but yeah I enjoyed reading your post! great review!

    • Emma

      That’s true, you do need to justify the purchase if you’re not doing much action sport!

  • We lost our first GoPro to a river, but we still bought another one so that we could video our adventures! This post makes me want to get some accessories like the floaty!

    • Emma

      Aw no! It’s so handy to have the floaty for that very reason, it even comes with a wrist strap for double safety 🙂

  • I love the little clip you filmed! The review was amazing and very useful! Thank you x