Photo Diary: A Summers Night in Glasgow Green

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Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green

This is quite a photo-heavy just because I wanted to showcase how pretty Glasgow Green is. On hot nights, Glasgow is reminiscent of the likes of Manhattan with people peppered throughout the local parks,┬átaking in what could possible be the last sun of the year – you never know when the heat will end in Glasgow so we all have to make the most of it!

One night after work, we couldn’t do our usual routine of either going food shopping or sitting in front of the TV eating dinner, we just had to go out. We decided on Glasgow Green because it is closest for us to drive to, and believe it or not, there are still parts of the park I’ve never been to (Here are a list of my favourite Glasgow parks)

As with everywhere I’m sure, especially in the UK, folk like to lay on the grass and just relax in the evenings. Lying on the grass outside beats the couch any day, right?!

Here are some snaps I took during our walk, enjoy!

Glasgow Green Glasgow Green Glasgow Green Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green

Glasgow Green Photography 7

Glasgow Green Photography 6