Where I’m Travelling To In 2016

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It’s that time of the year again for us 9-5’ers to start meticulously planning our holidays out, given out circa 28 paid annual leave days. Jamie and I have agreed this year that we will try to keep our trips to small weekends away at a time, and try to save up for a big long-haul adventure next year. 

My work is going through a sort of transition period so I’m limited how much time off I can take at any given one time. That’s fine by me, I don’t usually go away for more than a week at a time, so I’m excited this year to visit quite a few different place while sticking to a strict budget.

I’ve already got a few places booked and under my belt already, two of which are with my friends and the other one is a valentines gift, so I’ve yet to plan a trip abroad with Jamie yet. Below is what I know I will be up to, the rest of the year is a mystery! (Well we have Iceland in mind, but heard it’s quite expensive).


Glencoe, Scotland

First up is Glencoe! Jamie and I are heading up north as part of our valentines. We don’t usually but gifts, but rather put a little money aside and buy something that we both want or need. Last year we had just moved into our new flat so bought a George Foreman grill! Safe to say, it didn’t motivate him to bring me breakfast in bed!

Anyway, back to the point. We’ve booked a few nights in the Isles of Glencoe Hotel which offers leisure facilities, restaurant and bar right on the edges of Loch Leven. I’m also looking forward to doing some outdoor activities – hopefully we are going to go a boat trip to try and spot some porpoises and seals.


Cambridge, England

I’ve visited Cambridge before – see my posts here – but my friends and I are heading back down again in April. As you might know one of my best friends moved down to Cambridge after being offered her dream job as a scientist (it’s a little more complicated than that but I can’t get my head around it!). Last time we visited Fitzbillies for breakfast, went punting and then visited a few bars which were not worth writing a blog post about.

This year we are driving down earlier (hopefully we won’t get diverted again) with the aim of doing a bit more touristy activities, including punting, and possibly visiting The Roof Terrace at The Varsity Hotel & Spa.




Berlin, Germany

Not a lot to say on this one, other than I’m stoked to visit Berlin with two friends. I’ve spoke to two friends who have lived there for over a year at a time and both have only positive things to say, plus I love it when a city has an amazing public transport system! I’ve also been reading quite a few blog posts on the best things to do/see/eat/drink etc while in Berlin. We’re also staying in an airbnb so that should be an exciting and interesting experience!

Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Have you ever visited any of these places?

Any tips for travelling to Berlin or staying in an Airbnb? I’d love your advice!

  • I’m headed to Berlin in two weeks, although I highly doubt I’ll get to see too much of the cultural side of things since it’s for a stag weekend.

    Should still be a great experience though.

    • Cool! I’ve heard amazing things about the nightlife in Berlin, I love some deep house and techno music!

  • Glencoe is beautiful! I would like to go to Berlin at some point too 🙂 lovely post!

    • Thanks, I can’t wait! 🙂

  • Sounds like some great trips! I just read your post about Scotland.. Incredible landscapes! I visited Berlin last June if you want to check out my post about it. One of my favorite cities EVER. I hope you have a wonderful time!

    • Hey, thanks! Brilliant, yeah I’m always on the look out for new travel posts on Berlin. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say anything bad about it so far in my research 🙂